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YOUR BODY CREATES ENERGY from nutrients, oxygen and invigorating stimuli, such as fragrance. Natural mood, beauty and body booster such as these suit our increasingly busy lives because they produce an instant lift and are so simple to do each day.

Massage your ears
According to traditional chinese medicine, stimulating acupressure point on your ears increases blood circulation, and thus energy. Vigorously rub your ears all over for about a minute. They should start to feel hot and almost immediately you should feel more alert. Start at the lobe and massage to the top of the ear.

Taking a power
Sprinkle eucalyptus oil on the floor of your shower before stepping in. Stand under steaming hot water and rub your body with loofah. The eucalyptus scent stimulates your brain, while the hot water and the rub down increase blood flow, sending oxygen to your cells where it’s transformed into energy.

Wake up with a break
Your body only handle about 45 minutes of sitting without becoming fatigued. Get up and march around briskly for three to five minutes, or do some quick stretches or squats.

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Make a splash
Dip a face washer in cold water and wet both the front and back of your neck. Then gargle with cold water for a couple of second. Your neck and throat are rich with sensitives nerves, and by stimulating them with the cold water, you shock them into the “fight-or-flight” reaction, which temporarily shifts more blood towards your brain.

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